About Us

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Company History
Mountain West Moving & Storage, formerly known as Smith Brothers Moving Services, Inc. was originally owned and operated by the Smith Brothers in 1945.
The Braseth family purchased the company in 1985 and continued to operate the business as Smith Brothers Moving Services, Inc., until 1999 and then, changed the company name to Mountain West Moving & Storage.
Mountain West Moving & Storage is proud to be certified as an agent for Mayflower Transit. We service all branches of the U.S. Military, various departments of the U.S. and State Government, as well as the general public of Eastern Oregon.
We can move your most valued possessions from one room to the next, coast-to-coast, or around the world.
We provide a wide variety of moving and storage services.

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We Will Earn Your Trust
Troughout your move you’ll feel comforted knowing that our team of experienced and professional employees have your best interests in mind.

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  • Our team will make all the necessary arrangements for the timely relocation of your belongings.
  • We will safely pack every item with precision and care.
  • Specialized packing and crating is always utilized when necessary.

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